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HB511 & HB506

Horse Floats

The Ifor Williams Horse Floats are the UK’s most popular float and are now proving themselves in our West Australian market. We know that quality, strength, value and ease of maintenance are of vital importance to you. That’s why Glenthorne Trailers has teamed up with Ifor Williams Trailers to bring Perth and Western Australia the best floats on the market. With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, Ifor Williams have set the standard in both the UK, Western Australia and throughout the world, in producing a quality, well designed and engineered float. With Saftey being in the forefront of their design, these are the best Horse Floats for sale in Perth.

GH1054 & GH94

Plant Trailers

The Ifor Williams GH Plant Trailer range is a popular choice for many Perth Tradies for shifting a range of machinery from excavators, scissor lifts through to skid steers, rollers plus heaps more. These trailers come in 2 options the GH94BT and the GH1054BT. The reason Glenthorne Trailers sells large numbers of these trailers is due to their low loading angle, thick floor, heavy duty construction, welded and rated tie downpoints, beaver tail and high payloads. You can now see why they are one of the best machinery trailers for sale in Perth WA! These make great excavator trailers, skid steer trailers, and roller trailers. 

TT2515 Full body raised Studio
TT3621 TT3017

Tipper Trailers

Glenthorne Trailers are proud to present the next generation Ifor Williams Tipper Trailers for sale in Perth WA. Covering three models ranging from the smallest being the TT2515 (2.5mt long), the middle size TT3017 (3mt long) and the largest TT3621(3.6mtlong).The Ifor Williams Tipper Trailers are fast becoming Perths most popular trailer! These Tipper Trailers are ideal for many industries due to the high quality of construction, robustness and design features, from building sites, landscaping, tree surgery and agriculture they have been tried and tested and proven to be extremely capable to withstand Western Australia’s harsh climate making these Tipper Trailers a popular choice. As The WA Distributor for Ifor Williams Tipper Trailers, Glenthorne Trailers are the experts in finding a Tipper Trailer to suit your next project in Perth WA. For more information including specifications please click on READ MORE


FLATBED Trailers

All flatbed models supplied by Glenthorne Trailers are built around a welded steel, galvanized chassis fitted with bolt-on tapered drawbars and the Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf sprung suspension.


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