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Dingo mini loaders

Dingo loaders are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects where access is restricted. A Dingo can even complete many jobs traditionally done with larger machinery at a fraction of the cost.

Kanga mini loaders.

The Kanga Compact Utility Mini Loader is specifically designed for landscaping and earthmoving, which can be used for digging, drilling, trenching & much more.

Both Kanga and Dingo Mini Loaders come on trailers for easy transport.

Perfect for tight access through a door or gate to gain access to the backyard.

The Kanga Kid Mini Loader or the larger Kanga 6 Mini Loader can
spread mulch or level sand before laying down the new lawn.

These dry hire mini loaders have heaps of power and are easy to operate.

Choose between turf tyres so you don’t cut up the grass or a tracked mini loader to get through those sandy patches both will get the job done.

These mini loaders come available with extra hired attachments, such as levelling screeds, carryalls, trenchers, post hole diggers, augers and rake buckets.

You’ll be impressed at what these machines can do!  Plus your back will thank them too.

Kanga Loader 6
Kanga Kid TK216V

Are you looking for a Dingo / Kanga / Mini loader to help with your next project?

These machines are ideal for tight access projects such as backyard landscaping, getting through gates and doorways, don’t be misled by their size, these machines are versatile, powerful, easy to operate and can be found on many worksites from demolition, building and landscaping to pool installs driveways throughout Perth.


So Get in contact with your local Perth Hire guys from Glenthorne Hire to discuss your needs for that next project.

Our Kanga / Dingo Mini Loaders are the Best Value mini digger hire Perth has to offer

At Glenthorne Hire we have chosen Kanga Loaders to stock for the Perth mini digger hire market due to being the very best in 3 important areas:


Power, Speed and Strength. 

From the small Kanga Kid to the Midi and large range of Kanga’s they are designed to outperform the rest and withstand the harsh conditions or rough and constant handling.


This means you can feel confident in hiring these mini loaders because they get the job done quicker means high customer satisfaction levels and also means the operator has more time to enjoy the important things in life.


Safety is our number one concern here at Glenthorne Hire, we strive to supply the safest, best valve mini digger hire Perth has to offer.


We have found the Kangas to be engineered for safe, user-friendly operation and peace of mind, plus the backup and aftersales support to be second to none.


Kanga’s have been designed with user safety in mind which is why councils, governments and the Hire & Rental industry prefer Kanga.

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