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Closely related to the flatbed range, and with the addition of a sloping rear bed section, these trailers offer the flexibility of a flatbed with the added benefit of a low loading height to the rear of the trailer.The beavertail range is offered in width options ranging from: 6’ 6” to 7’ 6”, and length options from 14’ to 16’ and two maximum gross weight versions, 2000Kg and 3500Kg.

As with all our flatbed trailers the Beavertail can be fitted with many accessories, these include winch, full width loading ramp, loading skids, rear prop stands, headboard and ladder rack.

As with all our flatbed trailers, the beavertail range can be fitted with one of our winch options, allowing the recovery and loading of broken down or unpowered vehicles. The maximum gross weight for the lighter LT models is 2000kg, whilst the heavier LM models offer the maximum gross weight of 3500kg.

The beavertail range can be ordered with a full width rear ramp which is assisted with spring supported from rear corner posts. A gas strut
assisted ramp is also available which has no corner posts making it particularly suitable for ground care applications and the loading of wide mowers.


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A versatile transporter, wide enough for most light commercials and narrow enough for the smaller car, the CT177 is the ideal trailer for the motor trade or hire professional.

Its tilt bed action combined with pull out mini-skids allows for quick and efficient loading of vehicles either under their own power or using one of the winch options available.

The combination of optimum engineering design and high strength materials has produced a trailer with an excellent strength to weight ratio.

TB Tiltbed

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For owners of vehicles with low ground clearance or those in the vehicle recovery business, the tiltbed is an ideal choice. It provides all the benefits of the flatbed range, combined with an easily-tilted platform for effortless loading.

The TB range of trailers complements and extends on the original tiltbed trailers, the CT166 and CT167. Trailers feature a plywood floor centre which is flush with steel outer edges and are suitable for a range of vehicles including rollers and excavators. There is no raised rail around the bed of the trailer, making it a completely flat surface.

The range is ideal for loading ground care machinery or for users requiring a versatile Car Transporter which also offers the benefits of a standard flatbed trailer. The low bed height and reduced loading angles further increase the versatility of this trailer range.

We have achieved these improvements whilst still retaining all of the benefits associated with the Ifor Williams robust solid beam axles and leaf spring suspension.

The TB range of trailers is not recommended for loading indoor Access Platforms. See GH Plant details for trailers to suit.


CT166 & CT167

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The CT166 is 4.87m (15’11”) long and 1.98m (6’5”) wide and the CT167 is 4.87m (15’11”) long and 2.25m (7’4”) wide. Both models offer a maximum gross weight of 3500kg. Tilt is achieved through the use of a manual hydraulic pump. An electric pump option is also available. The low tilt angle (approximately 12 degrees) and drop-down tail ramp make it easier to drive almost any kind of wheeled vehicle onto the trailer bed. A longer (0.91m/3’) loading ramp is available as an option.

Tough, adaptable and easy to maintain, all models are fitted with a tough resin-coated plywood platform as standard. An option of aluminium treadplate covering is available, along with recessed lashing rings. Trailers can be further enhanced by the fitment of accessories
such as dropsides, headboard, ladder rack or meshside extensions.